Drying drums SB

The BIOsmartex SB drying drums are designed for drying various types of biomass (wood waste, straw, grass, alcohol and beer bard, etc.) to a moisture content suitable for further granulation or briquetting.

The drum is designed in such a way that the raw material is constantly mixed and fed to the outlet of the aspiration pipeline. The inner active part of the drum is made of stainless steel, complete with support and drive stations.

SB drying drums are available in two sizes:

  •  SB-1 output on sawdust 0.8-1.1 t / h;
  •  SB-2 output on sawdust 1.8-2.2 t / h.


  •  support and drive stations;
  •  drum drive – gear reducer Nord (Germany), 5.5 (11) kW ( frequency converter );
  •  Bearings and supports FAG (Germany), SKF (Sweden).

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