Granulators MÜNCH (Germany)

The Münch granulator is specialized equipment from a German manufacturer whose main task is to produce high quality granules from different raw materials. Raw materials may include wood sawdust, peat or herbal flour, as well as compound feed, husks, pitches, herbs, sawdust, chips or cereals. In addition, suitable raw materials for the device can be all types of ds crushed biomass, all types of cereals and waste silos with a moisture content of up to 15%. Thus, the equipment can perform a variety of tasks and be used in a variety of industries. In the agricultural sector, this can be an effective rabbit feed granulator or sawdust granulator, in another segment a polymer granulator.

What is a Münch Granulator for?
A feed granulator or pellet granulator is a great choice for the mass or mass production of the required pellets. Depending on the production tasks, the “right” device should be selected. There are the following types of equipment:

  •  RMR 420;
  •  RMR 520;
  •  RMR 650;
  •  RMR 800;

Each press granulator from a German manufacturer is made of high quality materials and components, with which the production process is an efficient and cost-effective choice. Feed granulators RMR 420 with a biomass capacity of 1000-1400 kg-h is suitable for small production. For processing large volumes, the RMR 520 pellet granulator with a capacity of 1500-2200 kg-h of biomass will be an excellent choice. For large-scale production with the fastest processing of raw materials, the RMR 650 machine is the best option. serial and fast production.

Each feed mixer bundle includes such indispensable components as stainless steel mixer, high-grade steel, dispenser, die, rollers with shells, automatic roller lubrication system, temperature sensors of roller mechanisms, as well as belt sliding sensors, through which the production process will convenient and as efficient as possible. Such new equipment for hay, for fuel pellets or for the production of plastic pellets will make it easy to handle any production task. The price of the granulator depends on its model and specifications.

In order for the feed press, pellet press or hay press to be a profitable investment, it should only be ordered from trusted companies.

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