Briquetting press «PBU» (Ukraine)

PBU Briquetting Press Ukraine is a state-of-the-art equipment from a domestic manufacturer that is designed for the rapid and comfortable production of fuel briquettes. Raw materials can be used as sawdust, grass meal or peat, and straw, cereals, poultry manure or sugar production waste.

The main objective of PBU briquettes is to ensure efficient briquette production with maximum payback for the enterprise. The advantages of PBU fuel briquette press are:

  •  Versatility;

The briquette press is a universal choice with a proven production technology for all types of vegetable waste, with a guarantee of excellent results.

  •  Excellent technical characteristics of the device;
  •  High performance press with maximum payback;
    Low energy consumption;
  •  Due to the use of frequency drives of electric drives the reduced operating energy consumption of the unit is achieved.
  •  Easy maintenance and quick installation;
  •  Absence of high noise effects at the time of operation;
  •  Optimal briquette production speed in three shifts;
  •  High wear resistance of briquette press;
  •  Easy to use for employees;
  •  Affordable pricing is available.

The screw briquette press is the optimal choice for the overall acceleration of the production tasks, both at small and large enterprises. Depending on the production volume of the company and the general standards, the “right” briquette press should be selected. The universal choice will be a press for fuel briquettes with an average productivity of up to 700 kg-h, with the consumption of energy of the main engine of 37 kW and a three-phase network of connection. Such a briquette press not only will cope with any tasks, but also provide optimal energy consumption.

Model Dimensions without cooler, (mm) Weight, kg Ø briquette, mm Power output, kW. Productivity, kg / h
Yes W IN
060-400 2960 910 1940 2250 60 26.6 300-400
070-800 3300 1050 2200 3000 70 36 500-600
080-900 3760 1160 2590 4950 80 61 800-1000
090-900 3760 1160 2590 5050 90 61 900-1100

The process of pressing briquettes using a hydraulic press is implemented by the method of rigid forming in a special cylindrical guide feed of a given raw material. In the process of production, the material under high pressure is converted into a solid mass in the form of a sleeve. The processing temperature of the material is 220 degrees with no need for forced heating of the pressing zone. As a result, a press for the manufacture of fuel briquettes of straw provides an overall reduction in energy production. An additional advantage of using briquette press from a domestic manufacturer is the optimum production temperature, which promotes rapid melting of the surface of the briquette and doubles its strength. As a result, the briquettes made in this device are durable and transportable.

In addition to choosing the right hand press for the manufacture of fuel briquettes, you should not forget to meet the general requirements for all types of raw materials. The optimum humidity of the raw material for the production of briquettes should not exceed 14%, and the optimal fraction of sawdust or shavings should be in the range of 3 to 10 mm. If the treated waste has a moisture content above the permissible level, additional equipment should be installed. Such equipment is a drying complex as well as a crusher. In compliance with all rules of use, the production of briquettes at the enterprise will be not only productive, but also profitable. In order for the production process to meet all expectations, buy press for fuel briquettes from sawdust should only be from proven companies.

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