Shredders of roll and baled straw

Shredders of roll and baled straw

A straw shredder is a high-performance device that is designed to produce a homogeneous and crumbly material suitable for further processing. The raw material used for grinding is roll or bale straw. The main task of the cutter is to ensure high productivity of the production process at high loads. Thanks to the tried and tested steel structure of the device, the hay and straw shredder will cope with any production tasks.

The main advantages of sugarcane are:

  •  High performance of the unit;
  •  Rigid and durable construction;
  •  Low maintenance cost;
  •  Minimum noise during equipment operation;
  •  Easy control of straw crusher;
  •  Affordable pricing is available.

Straw cutters are designed for the quickest and most simple grinding of baked or rolled straw and hay of various lengths. Most often, these units are part of the briquette or fuel pellet production line. In addition, hay and straw shredders are often used to accelerate the production of animal and bird feed.

Dimensions with conveyor, (mm) Weight, kg Reception chamber, (mm) Power output, kW. Productivity
Yes W IN Ø (5-20 mm.), Tons / year (30-80 mm), tons / year
12900 2500 2500 4200 2900 58.7 0,8-1,3 1.5-2.5
12900 2500 2500 4500 2900 78,7 1-1,5 3-4
12900 2900 2500 5300 2900 153 2-3 5-10

In order to ensure the optimum production process, it is important not only to choose original and high-tech straw shredders, but also to comply with all material handling requirements. The optimum humidity of straw or hay should not exceed 20%, and the weight of the bale to be treated should be up to 350 kg with a diameter of not more than 1.8 m and a total bale size of up to 1.5×1.5×1.5 m. bale weights grinding performance decreases.

Hay mower can be installed both autonomously and as a component of production lines. In the case of stand-alone installation, the hay is crushed into a compartment or a warehouse. If electric cutting is part of the technological process, working with a shredder such as a straw crusher will be optimal. The result of grinding when working with hay and straw crushers allows to obtain the smallest result of processing the material. The total productivity in the autonomous operation of the haymaker when grinding the bale is up to 3 t / h; and when processing straw rolls – up to 2,7 t / h. The average power of the motor is 43.2 kW at a rotor speed of 1500 rpm, which makes the grinding process not only fast but also energy efficient.

The process of grinding one roll of straw does not take long and takes up to 15 minutes. Grinding of hay is realized by means of a rotor with a sickle and a hammer with contradicting hammers with the subsequent unloading of material through a branch pipe from the end part of the shredder. Thanks to the technologically simple and at the same time functional design of the electric cutting plant, not only productive but also simplicity for the employees is achieved.

To obtain smaller fractions of straw straw, it is recommended to install a sieve with smaller openings. If the grinding result is to be large, a sieve with large openings should be selected. It should be remembered that the larger the sieve diameter, the higher the grinding performance of the material. Thus, the desired diameter of the sieve opening should be selected according to the desired ratio of fractions and the performance of the straw cutter.

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