Solutions for biogas plants

Feeders-dispensers "Moving floor"

BIOsmartex offers equipment for biogas stations.

– Equipment that provides feedstock for digestion in a biogas reactor – feeders-feeders “Living bottom” up to 500 m³.

– Lines for drying and granulating waste material.

The equipment is manufactured to the specific technical requirements of the customer. Depending on the nature, type of feedstock and process, feeders provide a metered even feed of the material to the fermentation stage.

Biogas plant waste is a material that meets the requirements of a quality fertilizer, so our drying and granulating lines allow us to recycle this material and increase its shelf life and reduce transportation costs. Another area of ​​use of this material after drying and pelletizing is to burn in solid fuel boilers.

For the preparation of technical solutions, we ask you to send the initial data, which will allow us to find the best equipment to solve your tasks.

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