Pulp and paper industry waste

The pulp and paper industry has particular problems associated with the production of environmentally damaging wastes. Whilst the industry has taken many successful steps to mitigate these problems, they can never be totally eliminated  for so long as the demand for high-performance paper and carton remains. If anything, global recognition of the ecological damage caused by plastics can only result in increased demand for technical papers and carton.

Biosmartex offers complete solutions that allow pulp and paper industry wastes to be recycled into high-efficiency biofuels (fuel pellets and briquettes). Often, this fuel can be utilised directly on-site via KE-series steam boilers. In this way, the problematic waste becomes a valuable source of process heat, hot water and even electrical energy. The waste is neutralized, and the carbon footprint of the production facility reduced, in a single solution.

Biosmartex is ready to prepare technical solutions for you based on specific production requirements.


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