Granulation lines

Aggregates such as granulation lines have a clear purpose. they are used for drying and grinding of various biomasses, which include: sawdust, chips, wood chips, low-grade wood, chipboard and chipboard waste, ottortsovka, obobol, pruning, branches, firewood, veneer waste, plywood waste up to 65% humidity and so on. e. If the moisture content of the raw material is less than 15%, then the drying process is simply eliminated.

Depending on the needs of the enterprise, the unit is also selected, because there are models with different capacities (from 800 to 10,000 kg / h on the finished pellet). In addition to power / performance, the granulation lines with a certain humidity level are also shared.

Granulation lines: where to order?

Whatever granulation line is required for production, it can be purchased from BIOsmartex.

The service works around the clock and continuously. Due to the well-coordinated work of the Biosmartech service department, equipment from Khmelnitsky region is spreading incredibly fast. One of the advantages of this manufacturer – they are the only ones in Ukraine that provide a 2-year warranty on the equipment.

It is very easy to apply online, and you can also apply for a warranty card. After purchase, BIOsmartex is still available. If a breakdown occurs, within a week they promise to either replace the part or repair the equipment.

Granulation lines: why and why

Raw materials are different, so the granulation lines are also different. It is logical because the process of processing the waste from the joiner’s plate will be different from both sides. Therefore, we offer a list that reflects the raw material used in this technique:

  •  Granulation lines for sawdust
  •  Granulation lines for chips
  •  Granulation lines for cod
  •  Granulation lines for trimming
  •  Granulation lines for ottortsovki
  •  Granulation lines for both
  •  Granulation lines for low-grade wood
  •  Granulation lines for firewood
  •  Granulation lines for branches
  •  Granulation lines for veneer waste
  •  Granulation lines for furniture production wastes
  •  Granulation lines for waste of waste
  •  Granulation lines for waste chipboard
  •  Granulation lines for lamella waste
  •  Granulation lines for woodworking waste
  •  Pelletizing lines for both sides </li>
  •  Granulation lines for plywood waste.

Granulation lines: useful facts

It is already clear that such complexes allow to transform bulk raw materials into compact convenient granules in the short term. You can look at the operation of the granulation line in stages:

  •  Initially, the raw materials are ground by means of integrated crushers.
  •  The product is then pressed on the line.
  •  Then begins the stage of cooling of the raw material – the product becomes solid.
  •  The final stage is the mechanical formation of the granules and subsequent packaging.

Granulation line 4000-5000 kg / h

Granulation line 5000-7000 kg / h

Granulation line 8000-10000 kg / h


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