About us

Modern high-tech equipment is an important place in various industries today. From this, its development, production, startup and debugging must be done at a high level.

BIOsmartex has been successfully developing and selling high-performance equipment for the production lines of pellets, briquettes, drying complexes, steam boilers and high-efficiency heat generators for ten years.

Since the establishment of the company, all its staff in the process of performing their work is primarily focused on the individual needs and wishes of each individual client. We are always in tact with the development of modern technologies, which is why the company’s products and services are popular in the consumer market.

The use of innovation in their projects, constant updating of the product range and quality of service are the main values ​​of BIOsmartex, which always help to achieve the desired result in their field of activity. Our design department is working hard to develop and implement new technologies.

BIOsmartex employees around the world provide professional services in terms of starting, setting up, servicing high-tech equipment in various factories, as well as training new staff for the maintenance of production lines and production facilities. Excellent service is also possible due to the availability of a large range of spare parts for timely, prompt delivery.

The staff of qualified experts carefully examines the aspects of each client’s business in order to offer the most profitable technological solutions that will greatly increase the profit of any customer. Behind many successful projects implemented within our country and far beyond. With BIOsmartex technologies you can produce products quickly and efficiently. The company always strives for new developments and is ready to present to clients and partners various advanced solutions for successful business.

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