Fruit and vegetable industry waste

Processing of fruit and vegetables produces a wide variety of by-products – pits from stone fruits, peelings, juicer pulps, olive cake, nut shells… the list goes on. For almost every kind of product in the freezer cabinet or canned-goods display, there is a process by-product.

In some cases these by-products have established markets, for instance animal feedstuffs: others do not. In all cases, the material tends to be difficult to handle and transport and is quickly affected by putrefaction or fermentation if stored.

BIOsmartex can specify and design innovative bespoke processing solutions for fruit and vegetable wastes. Our wide-ranging experience in advanced green technologies allows us to access the optimum solutions, whatever the material. We can offer material drying, densification and energy generation options, according to the raw material and the client’s requirements.

If you are looking for a commercial offer for a processing complex for fruit and vegetable waste, please contact us.

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